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Prior to the Fire of 1906

In 1906 the center of Moodus suffered a great loss when a fire burned much of it to the ground on Sunday morning, January 28th. The East Haddam Historical Society's collection of historic photographs of Moodus Center includes these views of the disappeared mill town.

Music_Hall_Moodus_Burned_1906.jpg (59040 bytes) The Music Hall was one of the buildings lost in the 1906 fire that destroyed Merchant's Row. Purple & Silliman Store Moodus Burned 1906.jpg (78481 bytes) Purple and SIlliman was housed in this building. Upstairs was a Probate Office.
TR Spencer Store Moodus Burned 1906.jpg (63372 bytes) The T.R. Spencer Store also burned in the fire. Ruins Moodus Center 1906 Fire.jpg (94815 bytes) The ruins of the Music Hall, Purple and Silliman, and the Spencer Store after the fire.
WA Fuller Dry Goods Moodus 1880.jpg (121670 bytes) W.A. Fuller Dry Goods used this business card in 1880