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Brownell-Lower-Mill.jpg (21767 bytes) Brownell's Lower Mill, one of the few mill buildings that still stand. Now used for storage. Brownell-Upper-Mill.jpg (31994 bytes) Brownell's Upper Mill, the only Moodus mill still in use today.
Neptune-Mill.jpg (25714 bytes) The Neptune MIll and some of its workers. Falls-Dam-Reservoir.jpg (22799 bytes) Falls Dam and Reservoir provided much of the power for the Moodus mills.
Stone-Mill.jpg (29195 bytes) Stone Mill. Granite-mill.jpg (24804 bytes) The Granite Mill, one of the earliest mills to be built. In a typical pose, the workforce stands proudly in front.
Atlantic-Duck-Mill.jpg (29272 bytes) Atlantic Duck Mill East-Mill.jpg (16323 bytes) East Mill.
Purple-Lower-Mill.jpg (18752 bytes) Purple's Lower MIll. Red-Mill.jpg (38549 bytes) Red Mill.
Triton-Mill-Johnsonville.jpg (28054 bytes) Triton Mill in Johnsonville.

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